Staff Happenings

Staff Happenings

Staff Happenings

We are pleased to announce the addition of two people to the Your Travel Center team. Please help us welcome:


Caitlyn Merz, Office Administrator


When Jane Giffin retired after a long career with Your Travel Center/Montecito Village Travel she left some very large shoes to fill.  Filling those shoes is Caitlyn Merz, Montecito Village Travel’s new Office Administrator.   If you’ve not had the opportunity of meeting Caitlyn, (virtual or otherwise) we invite you to reach out and say Hello.


Caitlyn is coming to us from the HR world and is rapidly learning (and enjoying) the travel industry and is impressed with the knowledge and talent of the many agents she works with.  When asked what she would like agents and ICs to know about her, she indicated that she is always willing to help and if she doesn’t know the answer will work to find it.  In her spare time, she enjoys her 3-year old son, Ander, and being a creative type, loves crafting, repurposing and refurbishing.  Welcome, Caitlyn!


Linda Appel, Accounting Assistant

We also are pleased to announce the newest member of the Your Travel Center Accounting team, Linda Appel.  Prior to joining Your Travel Center, Linda worked in the aerospace industry where she handled invoicing and was an integral part of the sales team ensuring that their orders were processed correctly.  While this is the first time Linda has worked in the travel industry, her background makes her the perfect addition to the Your Travel Center team.


When asked her first impressions of the travel industry and Your Travel Center, she reflected on two areas.  First, the people made the strongest impression – friendly, helpful, outgoing and all team players.  Secondly, all goes on in the background to make everything happen.


In her spare time Linda enjoys playing games, day trips exploring nearby Sedona and Tucson, reading, some crafts and of course, traveling.   Thank you for making Linda feel welcome.