Two cruise ships in port

Group Block Space

Montecito Village Travel’s Group Cruise Space can make you look like a SUPERSTAR!

Imagine yourself presenting cruise options to your clients and being able to say.  “Oh and by the way, I can provide you with $xxx Shipboard Credit (SBC) on this departure.”

How does it work?  Most cruise lines allow us to book group space when inventory is released.  We block space on sailings with a strong degree of client appeal and make them available to you.  When you book into this blocked space, your clients will receive SBC and the amenities assigned to the group.   It’s important to note that the amount of SBC and the amenities vary by sailing and you will need call reservations for the details.

Our group space is perfect for the traveler who is not committed to specific dates or ships.  (It’s important to know that these groups are exclusive to Montecito Village Travel and different from Virtuoso blocked space.)

Montecito Village Travel Group Blocked space can be found on site under Cruises:

One more tip for looking like a superstar… If you have two couples (or more) booking a cruise more than 10-12 months out, block a group instead and select your amenities.  Send the info to Cate Almgren at and Cate will post your cruise for others to sell. You can also post it to the FB forum.  It’s the proverbial win-win situation.

So, look like the SUPERSTAR you are and check out the MVT Blocked Space listings when quoting cruise options for your clients.