FROSCH Aircom Training

FROSCH Aircom Training

FROSCH Aircom Training Video

One of the reasons GDS-trained ICs choose Your Travel Center is access to the FROSCH air agreements and associated airline status. With secure access to the FROSCH AirCom site, they can peruse air agreements (complete with ticketing requirements and commission levels), access airline contact numbers including specialty desks and view all benefits associated with these carriers.


While the site is user friendly, live training makes understanding the layout, definitions and content easier to use and allows users to ask questions and interact with those who know the program inside and out. YTC  offered a well-attended “live” training in April and the consensus afterwards was that one can truly make money in air and that they felt comfortable understanding where to find and how to use the agreements after the class.


A Few Key Items:

  • There is a 30-minute recorded session on the FROSCH AirCom site if you missed the live session.
  • Your Travel Center will review any international tickets (after ticketing) for adherence to ticketing rules when using the agreements.
  • Your Travel Center is planning on scheduling another “live” training session this fall.  If you are interested in participating in the next class, please email Janet Wagstaff (