Coop Marketing

Coop Monies – What’s that?

Ever wanted to advertise to your local groups, hold an open house at a local winery to promote a wine tour or even just mail brochures to your clients about an exciting new product? The good news is that independent contractors are eligible for coop monies from our preferred partners – often times 50% of the cost of an event, marketing piece or advertisement.

So, what are the steps?

Create a Plan – Visit with me, Cate Almgren, Director of Leisure Sales & Marketing, for ideas and to learn which suppliers have funds available. Then create a marketing plan to submit to prospective suppliers. Identify Who, What, Where, When and How in your plan to show what’s in it for the supplier. Include your social media approach as well to outline hard dollar costs. Then submit your plan to me using the form found on the YTC Intranet site.

Wait for Approval – All expenses are paid by the independent contractor and then submitted to the supplier for reimbursement. So, waiting for approval before committing might be in your best interests.

The Paperwork – Keep original receipts, tear sheets and other marketing collateral. These must be submitted to Cate Almgren for coop reimbursement.

Reimbursement – Your Travel Center/Montecito Village Travel will then reimburse you 50% (or the amount agreed with the supplier) of your out-of-pocket expenses, usually between 60-90 days from when the supplier receives the invoice from.

That’s all there is to it! So, get creative!

Please contact Cate Almgren at for more information.