Tech 4 U – ClientBase

Tech 4 U – ClientBase


How do you use ClientBase?  Is ClientBase your “go to” tool for knowing your clients and their needs or do you simply use it for invoicing?

ClientBase is an amazing tool that will help you to not only invoice your clients, but to work in an almost paperless environment.  When you came onboard, we provided a one-on-one training on ClientBase basics – profiles, marketing fields and invoicing.  However, ClientBase does so much more.  Did you know you can setup reminders for final payment, follow-up calls, welcome home communications as well as holiday and special event communications (i.e. Birthday, Anniversary, etc.)?

Maybe you know all this and are a whiz at ClientBase and consequently never miss a deadline.  Most of us, however, haven’t yet delved into the core workings of ClientBase.

So why not let 2017 be the year to fully understand what ClientBase can do for you.  By spending just a little bit of time learning how to use these amazing features, your job will be easier:

Reminders – follow ups for final payments, welcome home calls, etc.

Live Connect – Available for certain suppliers, this tool allows you to “push” your client data (legal name, passport info, DOB, etc.) to the online booking engines of your favorite suppliers (think VAX, Globus, etc.). Then, after booking your client’s travel you can then “import” that reservation back into ClientBase for invoicing.

Marketing – Use marketing fields to identify the interests of your clients. By doing so, your marketing becomes a snap.  Have a great deal on a cruise for your cruise clients?  Simply press a few buttons and you can email (or mail) all of those clients with an offer you thought of “just for them.”  Additionally, if you are a Virtuoso agent, Virtuoso offers will be emailed directly to your clients based on your behalf on the interests you check in ClientBase.  Complete marketing profiles allows Virtuoso to aid you in finding “specific” opportunities and added values for your client with no work on your part other than marking your client’s interests in

PNR Import – For ticketing agents, ClientBase allows you to import PNR’s to your client’s profiles and res cards.

For more information on what ClientBase by Trams can do for you, we recommend you visit:  You can register for live classes or review recorded sessions on demand.  Additionally, a downloadable guide to ClientBase can be downloaded here.

Take a few minutes today to review the training topics and save countless hours in the upcoming year.

Just need a refresher on ClientBase profiles and invoicing basics, please contact Shane Lefeber at for a one-on-one review of ClientBase basics.